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or·gan·iz·ing verb 

the process of building the people power necessary to win and maintain systemic change.


cen·ter noun 

the core; the place from which activity is directed


The Organizing Center offers training, coaching and support to individuals and organizations fighting for justice. Our work sparks the imagination of what is possible and cultivates hope for the future.

Organizing is hard work and what is ahead will demand more of us than ever. It takes time to build relationships, build leadership, challenge power and make change. Years, not months. The Organizing Center has what it takes to strengthen your existing practice and support the building of new ones. 

We believe that the three elements that move people to action are ANGER, HOPE and a PLAN. People can be angry at existing conditions but have no hope that things will change. Or they can believe change is possible but are not be upset enough to act. Or they can be angry about conditions, believe change is possible, but have no idea what steps to take. Only with all three does action take place. 

The Organizing Center develops and strengthens organizers who can BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with new people through transformative organizing conversations, articulate a CLEAR AND COMPELLING VISION for the world we are trying to build, understand why and how to conduct a POWER ANALYSIS,  identify resonant campaign issues and develop WINNABLE DEMANDS, develop the LEADERSHIP of directly impacted people, create and analyze campaign STRATEGY, build and maintain STRONG COALITIONS, and move people to ACTION

To learn more about what we did last year, check out our most recent annual report

Our Values

The work of The Organizing Center is guided by five core values.

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Power comes from the people – when we fight together we win.

 Directly impacted people know the solutions. They should lead the work to implement them.

Hope sustains the fight. Organizers need to actively cultivate hope in communities.

Direct and principled conversations move people through tension and toward consensus.

We are working for a world that doesn't yet exist. We need to tap into our imagination to help us get there