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October 3rd, 12pm - 3pm ET/ 9am - 12pm PT

Developing a campaign strategy is equal parts art and science - there are tools we can use to hone what we are trying to do and we often have to try more than one approach before we win. This workshop offers an outline for how to develop a campaign strategy and gives participants ample time for practice and feedback.

This is an interactive online workshop that uses a mix of zoom breakouts, google slides, and large and small group participation. Be prepared to practice developing a strategy and receive direct feedback. Having a computer with strong internet connection and the ability to connect to video will ensure the best experience.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Clarified the difference between strategy and tactics

  • Practiced developing a strategy 

  • Expanded and refined your campaign toolkit with tools like developing a theory to test and using a campaign cycle

This workshop is right for you if you are looking to learn about the difference between strategy and tactics, hone your skills, or take your campaign development to the next level.

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