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March 20th, 12pm - 3pm EST/ 9am - 12pm PT

The most powerful organizing is done with a growing base of members. But how do you identify, recruit, and retain a committed base?

This workshop covers the fundamentals of creating transformative leadership development pathways. Over the course of three hours, we will explore steps you can take to develop and train your members and keep them connected to the work for the long-haul. This workshop will offer concrete tools and time to work on plans that you can take back to your organization.

This is an interactive online workshop. Be prepared to practice and receive direct feedback. Having a computer with strong internet connection and the ability to connect to video will ensure the best experience.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Learned tools to increase members confidence, skills and responsibilities in your organizing work

  • Witnessed an example of transformative leadership development in practice

  • Practiced creating leadership development plans that balance organizing skills, political education, and social/emotional capacities

Image by Ygor Lobo
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