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September 6th, 1pm - 4pm ET/ 10am - 1pm PT

Organizing is about listening to people, identifying what they care about, presenting a vision for what is possible, and moving people to action. This workshop offers an outline for the key components to having a transformative organizing conversation and gives participants ample time for practice and feedback.

This is an interactive online workshop. Be prepared to practice organizing conversations and receive direct feedback. Having a computer with strong internet connection and the ability to connect to video will ensure the best experience.

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • A template for organizing conversations

  • Identified ways to address common barriers to people taking action

  • Practiced an organizing conversation and received direct feedback

This workshop is right for you if you are looking to learn about transformative organizing conversations, hone your skills, or take your organizing conversation to the next level.

Image by Trung Thanh
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