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LEVEL UP: Organizing Conversations for Experienced Organizers

April 10th, 12pm - 3pm ET/ 9am - 12pm PT

Getting Stuck in Your 1-1s? Feeling pressure to bypass concerns and rush to recruitment for your campaign? Struggling to respond to the issue that someone shared?


In this interactive workshop, we will take a deeper dive into how to identify what is really important to a person and their potential to become a leader with your organization.


By the end of the workshop you will have:​

  • reviewed the core components of an organizing conversation

  • practiced working through the challenges you are facing having 1-1s

  • expanded and refined your 1-1 toolkit with tools like asking probing questions, identifying self-interest, deep listening and moving people to action

This workshop may be right for you if you:

  • have at least a few years of organizing experience - specifically the practice of having one-on-one conversations attempting to move people to take action

  • have had an organizing conversation that was harder than you expected that you'd like to get support to think through alternative approaches to the conversation

  • want to learn from other organizers as they share their own challenges

  • attended our Transformative Organizing Conversations training, have had some time to practice, and want to take your conversations to the next level

Image by Anna Vander Stel
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