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Peer Learning Labs

Peer learning labs are an opportunity for organizers to share best practices and problem-solve campaign problems. We launch new cohorts based on what organizers need to stay in movement work for the long-haul. Currently we have Leading the Way (for women and gender-oppressed organizers) and Resilient Futures- a cohort for Black and Brown organizers. Whatever your level of experience, you will meaningfully contribute to and learn from the ideas of your cohort.

Resilient Futures

This cohort is for black and brown organizers and Directors from their organizations to build resilience practices and organizational cultures of collective care. 

Image by Jed Villejo
Image by Trung Thanh

Organizer Apprenticeship

This cohort is for new or aspiring organizers and their supervisors to build their clarity about what it means to be an organizer, and develops participants' fundamental organizing and supervisory skills. 

Leading the Way

This cohort is for women and gender- oppressed organizers- designed to support their organizing skills development, build resilience practices and relationships. 

Image by Aiden Craver
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