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Resilient Futures

2022 Peer Learning Lab:

April- October 2022

As organizers fight systems of oppression those same systems continue to induce trauma in their personal and professional lives. We, at The Organizing Center, see healing justice as a tool that helps organizers and movement leaders to address their traumas collectively in order to access radical imagination and holistic visions for their communities, and continue to fight for and organize towards those visions.

Resilient Futures is a 6-month program for Black and Brown-led organizations and organizers to intervene on the systemic generational and recurring trauma that labor and community organizers experience by centering their wellness and supporting the creation of a long-term investment in their collective care.

Directors' Cohort    

​We will bring togetherDirector-level staff from organizations that:

  • Prioritize base-building as a key strategy for building power

  • Have black and brown organizers on their staff

  • Are committed to healing justice

Organizers' Cohort

We will bring together organizers from those organizations who:

  • Are Black, Brown or Asian

  • Have been an organizer for at least 1 year

  • Are committed to healing justice

Public Workshops

We will host three free public workshops for black and brown organizers. More details can be found on our Workshops page. 

If you have any questions about Resilient Futures please contact us at

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