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Our 2023 Training Cohort

Applications are now closed.

The Organizing Center (The OC) Seeks Trainers for 2023 Public Workshop Series

We are excited to share that we are hiring a small group of trainers to join our 2023 Training Cohort. Members of the cohort will be responsible for co-facilitating our 2023 workshop series in organizing conversations, leadership development, campaign development and coalition building.

We are looking for organizers who are ready to share their hard-earned wisdom and want to grow their facilitation skills, as well as skilled facilitators who care about shifting power and want to learn more about the organizing skills that help us get there. If you are strong in one area and eager to learn in the other, we encourage you to apply. By hiring and training a mix of organizers and facilitators from our movements, we aim to create an opportunity that ultimately benefits and grows the leadership of The OC, our 2023 training cohort, their organizations, and our movements overall. 


We are recruiting trainers from active base building organizations because we believe that

  • Workshops are most effective when they are led by people who have directly experienced what our workshop participants are struggling with

  • Our organizations and movements will be stronger and more effective with members who are skilled in facilitation, specifically in ways that disrupt oppression, foster full participation, transform conflict, build resiliency, and develop many leaders

Our Approach to Public Workshops

The OC offers introductory and intermediate workshops in organizing conversations, leadership development, campaign development and coalition building because we believe that

  • building a multi-racial base that is led by Black and Brown people, low income and working class people, and women and gender oppressed people is going to give us the best chance to get free

  • base building skills are a significant gap in the movement ecosystem and one that training can play a role in filling

Our workshops aim to foster full participation, build from participants’ lived experiences in organizing, provide opportunities for practice, and expand community and labor organizers’ toolkits for building the people power that wins and sustains change.

Job Responsibilities

  • Facilitate online workshops alongside another trainer who complements your skills and experience in organizing and facilitation

  • Develop relationships with other members of the training cohort 

  • Commit to co-facilitate at least two (max fourteen) workshops per year. Additional opportunities for leading trainings and offering coaching may be available 

  • Participate in an initial onboarding session as well as quarterly training sessions in facilitation and workshop design

  • Observe members of The OC training team leading online workshops

  • Provide and receive constructive feedback to/from The OC training team

  • For each workshop, prepare with co-facilitator for three hours, facilitate a three hour training with 30 minutes of prep before and after, and participate in a one hour debrief/evaluation 

  • Help us to build and uphold our community commitments

  • Share what you learn about organizing and facilitation with your organizations



  • At least 3 years of experience in organizing and base building and/or facilitating interactive and participatory workshops that center the wisdom of participants

  • Ability to explain your approach to and share personal stories about organizing conversations, leadership development, campaign development and coalition building

  • Optional: experience in workshop and/or curriculum design 

  • We do not need a candidate who is strong in both organizing and facilitation; if you are strong in one and eager to learn in the other, we encourage you to apply

  • A commitment to anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist practice


We Provide

  • Training in anti-oppression facilitation that is participatory, experiential, and rooted in popular education

  • Practice in workshop design and sequencing 

  • Peer learning amongst an intergenerational, multi-racial and cross class group of trainers and organizers from a variety of movements, issue areas, and backgrounds


Black and Brown, low income and working class, women and gender oppressed people are strongly encouraged to apply.


Compensation is $100-150/hour. Trainers will be paid as independent contractors.

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