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The Organizing Center is a training home for people to develop the skills to build strong movements for social justice. Organizers learn or enhance the skills necessary for engaging, recruiting and mobilizing people for collective campaigns that win. All of our work is rooted in the belief that people power is necessary for us to win and possible for us to build.


Customized support to develop or enhance your organizing culture

Support and accountability are necessary to transition to, or maintain, a strong organizing program. Mid- to long-term contracts for this work will include:

  • An assessment of your organization's current organizing practices to identify strengths and opportunities

  • Participatory training and support offered to staff at every level of the organization

  • Regularly scheduled debriefs and evaluations of progress

  • A long-term plan to help sustain an organizing culture

We're ready to help you expand your base, develop leadership, and build power. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about how this program can help your organization build power.

Kneeling Protestors


Interactive training facilitated to enhance what you know and to build new organizing skills

We offer a series of public workshops on organizing skills, including:

  • Building relationships with transformative organizing conversations

  • Conducting a power analysis

  • Identifying resonant campaign issues and developing winnable demands

  • Developing leadership in your base and moving people to action

  • Creating and analyzing campaign plans

  • Building and maintaining strong coalitions


See our schedule for current offerings or reach out for workshops customized for your organization.

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Individualized mentorship with an experienced organizer.

Sometimes you need one-on-one support. Coaching sessions are designed to meet each organizer at their current level. Whether you are a new organizer who could use support to develop a work-plan or debrief organizing conversations, or you are a more experienced organizer looking to develop long-term campaign plans or to become a better supervisor we have the experience to help you reach the next level.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation so we can talk through how our coaching fits with your needs. 

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Join a cohort of organizers to share and learn from each other's campaigns and experience

Peer learning labs are an opportunity for organizers to share best practices and problem-solve campaign problems. We launch new cohorts based on what organizers need to stay in movement work for the long-haul. Currently we have our Women Leading the Way peer learning lab and will be launching in 2022 Resilient Futures- a healing justice cohort for Black and Brown organizers. Whatever your level of experience, you will meaningfully contribute to and learn from the ideas of your cohort.

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